What makes us success in our own way

Dear Friends,

Exactly 3 years back; we signed few papers which put us in the league of Indian Companies, officially! It was a dream that came true. It is so close to my heart that; I hesitate to call it a company; I call it my baby. So, my baby turns 3 today.

Three years is not a big period, if we compare ourselves with other successful BPOs but at the same time it’s not a small period as well. We have come across a long way to reach here. We have failed, we learned and we succeed; following so many ups and downs, finally we stand steadily on our foot today. People often ask me, how you guys manage it? I normally gave them a pleasant smile as my response. But today, I am trying to answer it. What makes us success in our own way?

1. Our definition of success is not related to the financial benefit we get. We don’t count our success based on our turnover. For us success means the satisfaction. The satisfaction that we get when our client praises our efforts; the satisfaction we get when our employees feel proud to associate with us; and the satisfaction we get by our own achievements.
2. We are not here to compete with other companies. Competition is a part of this society. Willingly or unwillingly, you are always part of a competition. Only the fittest can survive here. So, who is our competitor? We choose a toughest competitor for us. “WE”. Yes, we ourselves are our own competitors. If we can outrace ourselves; the mission achieved and of course from there the new mission begins, to beat us once again.
3. Our human resources are our family. Everyone says, your human resources are your biggest assets. I personally don’t like that phrase. They are humans not things, which can be classified as an asset or liability! So, for us, our employees are our strengths, a part of our extended family.
4. We consider ourselves as partners to our clients. Our bonding with our clients is not based on the corporate contracts or etiquette. We are a part of their mission. So, it becomes our mission to make the client see the success. Their projects become our project and their success & failure becomes our success & failure.
5. Last but not the least; we nurture our business like we nurture our relationship; with a lot of delicacy and love.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all the Infoledgians and ex-Infoledgians for their support; our clients who keeps their faith on us intact in all these years; our well-wishers who stood by us during all this period.

Every business gains a lot from the society; ours is no exception. So, it is our duty to pay back to the society in every possible way. Being busy with the corporate work, we overlooked our social responsibility but not this year! We will do our bits of charity to the society by means of some plantation project, blood donation camp, education initiatives and similar stuffs which will help the society.

With this closing thought let me wish all of you a Happy Anniversary.

With Love,

Nirlipta Pathy

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