Transcription Service

In today’s time, transcription is a highly necessary service. Gone are the days when people used shorthand to write down the speeches or any other live conversations. Now with the easy availability of any kind of recording instrument, people record the things and transcribe it word by word. Business houses, research fellows, medical and legal professionals are constantly looking for people or service providers who can provide them a quality transcription of their audio or video recordings in the required timeframe.

At Infoledge, we hire people who not only understand the client business but also share their passion. That’s where we stand away from the crowd. So, irrespective of your profession, we are dedicated to provide you a quality output. Here we are listing out some of the points what makes us a front liner among the transcription service provider;

  1. High Quality Output with our Quality Check Procedure
  2. Quickest Turn Around Time
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. No Voice Recognition Software Used
  5. Personalized Service

We also offer selected regional language transcription and translation service.