Data Processing

Every business has some core activities which needs more focus over the mundane ones. We understand this well. One such common activity which is pretty ordinary yet consumes a lot of time, very much mundane but you can’t skip it away; is data entry activities. Here at Infoledge, we tried to shorten the gap between the core activities and the employees by providing support for data processing jobs. We offer you the data processing services which include plain data entry, data conversion, data mining, data processing and presentation of data.

Besides allowing your employee to concentrate more on the core production activities, we also help in the following areas by providing you these data processing services.

  1. Cost Effective– Outsourcing is always cost effective; primarily because of the difference is wage rate in between the employer industry and the outsourcing industry. We offer you quality service in the most economical price. To get the quote on pricing please drop us an email.
  1. 24 Hour Operation Cycle – Infoledge offers you 24 hour a day service, which means your work will not take rest even when your employees do. So, there will be no time wastage in the process of your work units.
  1. Expertise – Irrespective of the nature of work, we need an expert of the same field to the voice the opinion on the final result. Infoledge hires employees on the jobs based on their skill, knowledge and expertise level. So, even if it is a routine work, you will get the finest result from it.
  1. Quality Control – We at Infoledge follows an internal quality control system, where each of the tasks is cross checked by another data entry employee before putting it into the quality check stage. So, basically speaking each task undergoes a three stage of quality control process (two at data entry level and one at quality check level) prior to client delivery.
  1. Avoid Staffing Problem – Sometimes, organizations need to work on some assignments which are only meant for a specific time frame. In those cases, the staffing management becomes highly critical. Either you need to hire new employees for limited time period or the existing employees need to work on extra hours to get the additional job done. Infoledge never demands any committed volume from its clients which means you only allocate us work when you face such staffing problem.