Why Infoledge

Why one should chose Infoledge as its service provider? Well, the answer is plain and simple. Our dedication and our “Client First” attitude; this is where we stand out from the crowd and make our own mark in the client’s heart. We don’t serve or work for our clients; we visualize and share the client’s dream and turn them into reality.

We have three basic yet very distinct characteristics that will make you chose us as your trusted partner.

  1. CFY                                                        2. LIFE                                                       3. BUTTERFLY

Caring For You (CFY)

Our quality of service is not measured on the basis of the amount of effort we put in but rather it is on the amount of benefits our clients getting from us. We have a team named “CFY” (Caring For You), whose prime job is to know the satisfaction level of the client. They will interact with the client to get their impression on the quality of our job and they are doing their best to bridge the gap between the client expectations and our deliverables. We have an annual and semi annual Client Expectation Report which is being filled by our clients to let us know their expectations from us. The CFY team along with the production team ensures that Infoledge beats the client expectation level each and every time.


“LIFE” is another distinct feature of Infoledge. By LIFE, we mean four characteristics;

L-  Leadership. Our leaders are one of the experienced players of the industry, who walk up to this level of corporate ladder with their hard work and dedication. So, we lead the team by example. We are also providing in-house leadership programs which help to generate leaders out of the people who are already working on the client specific project.

I-  Integrity. This is the key factor of any relationship. Without any trust, none of the relationship will survive. We at Infoledge, practice some of the best policies which make us gain the trust of our clients. We have zero tolerance policy towards any unethical behavior.

F-  Focused. We have a clear idea about what we want to achieve. You can’t get a better result without having a clear focus on the goal. At the base level, we ensure that each of our employees should stay focused on their work to meet the client expectations. On the management level, we have a Public Relation officer for each of the clients. They can be reached through any time of the day through email or phone.

E-  Execution. The key hurdle between a good planning and the final result is your execution level. Infoledge execute to the perfection. Our team executes the blueprint of any project that we shared with the client, to the core of it. We keep a track of our performance vis-à-vis our planning by conducting regular in house check of this execution report.


Like a Butterfly, each of our projects goes through four different and progressive phases.

Egg – The butterfly eggs are well protected by a hard layer called Chorion. This is meant to give every possible safety to the egg. Similarly, when our project is in egg stage, which means the testing phase; it is well protected and taken care by our efficient team. IN this stage the client provides a pilot work to test the knowledge level, accuracy and processing speed of Infoledge. Once we deliver the end result in specified time frame, they took their time to analyze the things and if satisfied, they award us the project.

Caterpillar– When the egg developed into a caterpillar, it started crawling around. It moves in a very slow and safe speed. In this phase, Infoledge works on the live project. We win the trust of the client with our dedication, effort and enthusiasm; in a very slow yet steady manner.

Pupa– This is the most struggling phase of the Butterfly. In this stage, the pupa started developing the wings. It is step towards being the butterfly. At Infoledge too, we consider this stage as a step towards achieving our mission. Here, we think from the client’s point of view. We list out and suggest the ideas which can be beneficial to the client.

Butterfly– Finally, the beautiful and astonishing butterfly emerges from it and makes you speak aloud “WOW”. As stated in the mission, in this phase we achieve a “WOW” from our client and we put our best effort to maintain it for a longer run.