Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As an individual, each one of us is having some responsibility towards the society. More or less, we all do our bit by contributing something to the society. When it comes to the corporate house the responsibility towards the society increases many folds. We need to play a larger role in contributing to the society.

At Infoledge, the corporate social responsibility is focused in three different arenas.

VidyaVIDYA– There was a time when food, clothes and shelter are considered as the basic requirements for survival. Today, definitely we have to include “education” in the basic tool for survival. We have succeeded in landing on the moon but have not achieved a hundred percent literacy rate. As a responsible corporate house, we take a step forward for this cause. Under the initiative named “VIDYA”, each of our employees needs to educate at least one person in his or her locality, so that they can read and write. It is a compulsion for all the employees of Infoledge.

 UDYAANUDYAAN– The way our environment is degrading, we need to do something. The easiest and most convenient way that we can do is, plant a tree. At Infoledge, we have started an initiative named “UDYAAN”. Under this initiative, once in a year we organize a camp in which all of our employees get a chance to plant a tree and save the world.


JEEVAN– You don’t need to be a millionaire to donate anything, you don’t need to be an expert to save someone’s life; all you need to do is “Donate Blood”. Each year, Infoledge organizes a blood donation camp where not only our employees but their family members are also welcome to donate blood and do their bit towards the society.